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Mother of all Muslims / Believers: 

Aisha Siddiqua (ra),

 one of the most super-Muslim 

woman; among all mankind:

Hazrat Aisha (ra) was  the wife of our beloved Prophet Muhammad 

(saas) and the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), the first caliph of Islam.

 As the wife of our Prophet (saas), Hazrat Aisha (ra) is known as "ummul-

muminun," meaning “the mother of the believers” and as the daughter of 

Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), she is known by the title of "as-Siddiqa" meaning

 “the devoted”. She was born in Mecca in 614. With her superior qualities,

 such as  intelligence, her powerful faith, wise speech and profound 

understanding of the Qur’an and our Prophet (saas), all bestowed on her

 by Allah, she is an exemplary Muslim for all believers.

Our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra) was beautiful and highly intelligent. She was

 very courageous, as was our mother Hazrat Hafsa ( ra). They were the

 most splendid people. Many hadiths and other accounts have come down 

to us through them. They are our mothers and had a perfect 

understanding of Islam. Our Prophet (saas) loved them, and they loved

 our Prophet (saas). Both are manifestations of Allah. May Allah lavish

 goodness upon them. Masha’Allah. 

The Moral Values of Hazrat Aisha (ra)

Hazrat Aisha (ra) was educated in early childhood by her father, Hazrat 

Abu Bakr (ra), the first caliph of Islam. Her marriage to our Prophet 

(saas) led to further moral and intellectual growth, maturity and depth.

 Our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra) became a Muslim at an early age, and with

 her modesty, determination, generosity and a character devoid of 

arrogance and refusal to speak badly of anyone she was a wise role

 model for all Muslims. Because of her sincere faith and purity, she was

 able to act in line with Allah’s approval, that which is really essential.

Hadiths Addressed to our Mother Hazrat Aisha (ra)

Some of the hadiths addressed to our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra) and 

quoted in the Ramuz al-Ahadith read as follows:

"O Aisha, Allah is He Who treats His servants with blessings. He loves 

gentle behavior in all matters."

Mother of all Muslims: Aisha Siddiqua (ra), one of the most super-Muslim 

woman; among all mankind:

"O Aisha, gentleness and patience beautify and adorn wherever they are

 found and reduce the beauty of whatever they are lifted from."

"O Aisha, backbiting is relating a Muslim’s defect behind his back. But if the 

flaw in question does not exist in him, then you have slandered our Muslim 

brother. And slander is a worse sin than backbiting."

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) used to lead the prayers for the 

women in the holy month of Ramadhan and would stand in between them.

Taken from:Muhammad al-Shaybani, Kitab al-Athaar, (p.44) Chapter on 

the Woman 

Nowhere have women from any faith, country, and socioeconomic and

 racial background consistently made such a mark on history as Muslim 

women have in the time of the Prophet pbuh.

 Large segments of the Qur’an were revealed with reference to Islamic women.


“Dying became easier for me when I was 


Ayesha in paradise.

 It was as if I could see her hands.” 

[Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, narrated 

by Ishaq bin Talha, in Tabqat al-Kubra, biographical collection of Hadith 

compiled by ibn Sa'ad in 230 Hijri.]

Mohammed Shafiq Mohiuddin

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