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FAITH: Declaration of FAITH : EeMaaN-e-MuAjMal & MuFaSSaL





 (The Summary Declaration of Faith)

 I have faith in Allah as He is known by His 

Names and attributes and I accept all His 



(The Detailed Declaration of Faith) 

I have faith in Allah and His Angels, His Books 

and His Messengers, and the Day of Judgement 

and that all good and evil and fate is from 

Almighty Allah and it is sure that there will be 

resurrection after death

EeMaaN-e- MuFaSSaL:

EeMaaN-e- MuFaSSaL:

I believe in ALLAH; and His Angels; and His 

Books; and His Messengers; 

and the Day of Judgment; and that of Fate, the 

good and the bad given 

by ALLAH Ta’ala; and the Life after Death.

-( Translation).

Aamantu bilLahi wa Malaikatihi wa Kutubihi wa Rusulihi wal Yawmul 

Akhirihi wal Qadri khairihi wa sharrihi minALlahi Ta’ala wal ba’sihi Ba’adal 



EeMaaN/ IMaaN consists of beliefs in the 

following seven articles:

1. Belief in ALLAH

ALLAH is One.

He has no partners.

He is All Powerful.

He Created the earth we live in, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the 

water we drink, the sun, the moon, the skies, the stars, the galaxies and the 

entire universe.

He Provides sustenance to all of His creation.

He Gives life and Causes death.

He was not created.

He does not depend on anyone, rather all depend on Him.

None resemble Him whatsoever and He resembles no one.

He does not have eyes, ears, hands, nose, organs or a body like that of 

human beings.

He is Pure from all faults.

2. Belief in His Angels

ALLAH Created the Angels from light (Nur), each Angel has various duties to 


All Angels are free from sins.

We do not know the exact number of Angels Created 


There are four particular Angels who are very 

famous: Jibra’il; Mikra’il; Azra’il; 

andIsrafi’l (‘alaihus salam).  

Jibra’il {Gabriel} brought ALLAH’s Revelations 


Messages, Books and 

Orders to all the Prophets. He was also charged with 

helping and aiding the 

Prophets at times to fight their enemies.

Mikra’il {Michael} is in charge of food and rain. 

Numerous Angels work under 

him who are in charge of clouds, seas, rivers and 

winds. He receives Orders 

from ALLAH, and then orders the other Angels under 

his command.

Azra’il {Angel of Death} is in charge of death and 

takes away life with the 

Order of ALLAH. Numerous Angels work under him. 

Some appear in a beautiful 

state and take away the lives of believers while others

 appear in a terrifying 

state and take the lives of unbelievers and sinners.

Israfi’l {Raphael} will blow the Trumpet (Sur) on the 

Day of Judgment. The 

sound of the Trumpet will destroy and kill everything 

and everyone that is on 

the earth and in the skies. Israfi’l will blow the

Trumpet a second time and all 

will come back to life according to the Order of ALLAH.

Every human being has two Angels with him at all

times, one Angel writes all 

of his good deeds while the other Angel writes all of 

his bad deeds. Those 

two Angels are known as Kiramun Katibin.

3. Belief in His Books

ALLAH sent His Books to various Prophets for the 

guidance of their nations.

The larger Books are known as Kitabs while the 

smaller Books are known 

as Sahifas.

The Kitabs that were reveled 

are: Tawrat; Zabur; Injil; Qur’an.

The Tawrat {Torah} was sent to Hazrat Musa 

{Moses} (‘alaihis salam)

The Zabur {Psalms} was sent to Hazrat Da’wuud 

{David} (‘alaihis salam)

The Injil {Gospels} was sent to Hazrat ‘Isa {Jesus} 

(‘alaihis salam)

The Qur’an is the Final Book of ALLAH and was 

revealed to Last 

Prophet: Hazrat Mohammed Mustapha (salLallhu 

‘alaihi wa salLam) (peace & 

blessings of Allah the Almighty be upon him), all the 

other Kitabs (Scriptures 

sent by ALLAH)  were revealed at once, except the 

Holy Qur’an, which was 

revealed over a period of 23 years. The other 

three Kitabs no longer appear in 

their original revealed format, changes, alterations, 

additions and omissions 

have been made to them over the centuries. The 

Holy Qur’an has been 

memorized by thousands of believers from the very 

beginning of Islam right 

to the present day. ALLAH Has promised to safeguard the text of 

the Qur’an till the end of time.

4. Belief in His Messengers

ALLAH sent various Messengers to this world from 

time to time to guide 


The first of the Messengers is Hazrat ‘Adam (‘alaihis salam) and the final 

Messenger isHazrat Mohammed Mustapha (salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa salLam) who 

is the Seal of Prophethood (Khatamun Nabiyin) and no new Messenger will 

come after him.

5. Belief in the Day of Judgment

The Last and Final Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed 

Mustapha (salla’Llahu 

‘alayhi wa salLam) has warned his followers that the 

two feet of the 

son/daughter of ‘Adam will not move on the Day of 

Judgment until he/she has 

answered questions regarding five matters:

about his/her life and how he/she spent it;

about his/her youth, and how he/she took care of it;

about his/her wealth, and how he/she earned it;

and how he/she spent his/her wealth;

about how he/she acted upon the knowledge he/she 


6. Belief in Fate:

ALLAH Has Knowledge of everything, even before its 


ALLAH Has Given human beings the will-power and 

the ability to do either 

good or bad.

ALLAH’s Knowledge of who will do good or bad even before he has done it is 

known as Fate (Taqdir).

All favors are by the Will of ALLAH Alone and no misfortune can happen 

without His Will.

We should at no time despair over any misfortune befalling us nor should we 

boast any favors given to us by ALLAH.

We should always be thankful to ALLAH for His Favors

and be patient over any

 misfortune falling us.

7. Belief in the Life after Death:

Every person who has lived on this earth from the 

time of Hazrat ‘Adam 

(‘alaihis salam) up to the final day will be brought to

They will all gather before The King: ALLAH Ta’ala, for

 Judgment in the Field 

of Resurrection (Maidan-e-Hashr).

On this Day they will all have to give account of their 


This Day is known as:

Yawm-ul-Hashr (Day of Resurrection)

Yawm-ul-Hisab (Day of Reckoning)

That Day the believers will be blessed and rewarded 

with the Garden


while the unbelievers will be punished in the Fire 


♥**♥  In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful:  ♥**♥

Lo! Religion with Allah (is) the Surrender (to His Will and Guidance). Those

who (formerly) received the Scripture differed only after knowledge 


unto them, through transgression among themselves. Whoso disbelieveth 

the revelations of Allah (will find that) lo! Allah is swift at reckoning.

  The Glorious Quran; 3; The Family of Imran; 19.

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

It was said unto her (Queen of Sheba):  Enter the hall.  And when she saw it she deemed it a pool and bared her legs (feet).  (Solomon said):  Lo! it is a hall made smooth, of glass.  She (Queen of Sheba) said: My Lord (Allah)!  Lo! I have wronged myself, and I surrender with Solomon unto Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

--The Glorious Quran; 27; the ant; 44.

♥*☆*♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥*☆*♥

Say: Lo! as for me (Mohammed), my Lord (Allah) hath guided me unto a straight path, a right religion, the community of Abraham, the upright, who was no idolater.

--The Glorious Quran; 6; the cattle; 161.

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

O ye who believe!  Shall I (Mohammed) show you a commerce that will save you from a painful doom?

Ye should believe in Allah and His messenger, and should strive for the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives.  That is better for you, if ye did but know.

--The Glorious Quran; 61; the ranks; 10, 11.

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

And whosoever it is Allah’s will to guide, He expandeth his bosom unto the Surrender (Islam), and whomsoever it is His will to send astray, He maketh his bosom close and narrow as if he were engaged in sheer ascent.  Thus Allah layeth ignominy upon those who believe not.

--The Glorious Quran; 6; cattle; 125.

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

And those who put away false gods lest they should worship them and turn to Allah in repentance, for them there are glad tidings.  Therefor give good tidings (O Mohammed) to My bondmen, who hear advice and follow the best thereof.  Such are those whom Allah guideth, and such are men of understanding.

--The Glorious Quran; 39; the troops; 17, 18.

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

And We (Allah) saved those who believed and used to ward off (evil).

 --The Glorious Quran; 27; the ant; 53.


♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

And when they hear vanity, they withdraw from it and say: Unto us our works and unto you your works.  Peace be unto you!  We desire not the ignorant.

 --The Glorious Quran; 28; the story, 55.


♥**♥   ALLAH-HU-AKBAR  ♥**♥