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♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

Who (ALLAH)  hath created seven heavens in harmony. Thou 

(Mohammed) canst see no fault in the Beneficent One's creation; then 

look again: Canst thou see any rifts?

--Glorious Quran; 67; The Kingdom, 3.


Mā shāʼ Allāh

 (ما شاء الله) 

meaning, :



an Arabic phrase; more correctly a form of a smallest prayer; often to 

seek the immense blessings of Allah the Almighty; even in casual 

discussions; that most believers among mankind use it; that gives 


of a spiritual form of devotion that expresses appreciation, joy,  or 

thankfulness; much beyond the ordinary level; possessed in any other 

language; for an event or person that was just mentioned.  Towards this, 

it is used as an expression of respect, reverence, sincerely complimenting 

by the depth of one’s heart; while at the same time serving as a reminder 

that all accomplishments are so achieved by the will of Allah .  

 It is generally said upon hearing good news.

In some Muslim cultures, people may utter this phrase in the belief that it 

may help protect them from jealousy, catching the evil eye,  or jinxing.

 Despite it being common knowledge that believing in superstitions is an 

insult to Allah the most Glorious and Exalted, as it insinuates that some 

things are out of His control, which is most certainly not true - Everything 

happens only by the leave of Allah (SWT), therefore there is no such 

thing as superstition and believing in such things may damage your imaan 

(faith). Allah (SWT) knows best.

The phrase has also found its way into the colloquial language of many 

non-Arabic peoples, such as Percians, Turks  (who say "maşallah"), 

Kurds, Bosniaks, Albanians and Muslims and Urdu -speakers of South 

Asia (who say "Masha'Allah"), and some of the peoples of the Balkans 

who once lived under Turkish rule, 

including some who are not of the 

Islamic faith ( Serbians and Macedonians, Bulgarians, Cyriot, 

Greek speakers invoke Masha'Allah in a similar fashion to Turks.

The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa salam) said:

 “ Whenever one of you sees something with 

his brother that amazes 

him, ask  Allah to bless him.”

Collected by ibn Majah (3500) and graded as being Saheeh by Shaykh Al-


"Mashallah" or "Mash'Allah" is an Arabic phrase used 

to show appreciation 

for a person or happening. It shows respect, and also reminds that 

everything is achieved by the will of Allah/ God. The closest English 

translation is "Allah/ God willed it." It is used to show joy and praise, and 

is evoked upon hearing good news.

♥*☆*♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥*☆*♥

And We (Allah) saved Moses and those with him, every one;
And We (Allah) drowned the others.

--The Glorious Quran; 26; the poets; 65, 66.

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